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Why Have Insurance

You work hard throughout your life so that you can have Control over your life and have Choices available at your disposal to maintain your lifestyle and support your business and family. This can only be achieved by you and your ability to work and earn a living. Currently you are, fit, healthy, and able to work and have a successful career, which in turn is helps you to maintain control over your life and making the right choices. However what would you do if that control and choice was taken away from you and your family because you lost your ability to work due to an illness or injury or even died? Are you financially prepared for the rehabilitation period if you suffer a critical illness? How will you meet large financial personal and business commitments such as mortgage or debt servicing or maintain cash flow if your ability to earn an income is affected? Will your family be able to maintain the same lifestyle as they currently enjoy if your income was gone due to death or disability?

How can We help?

We can help you maintain CERTAINTY and CONTROL should any of these potentially crippling events were to strike you down.
We are one of the leading Risk Insurance Adviser groups in the region who work actively in the Community with years of experience of dealing with Business and Families Risk Insurance requirements / needs.

  • We can conduct a complete and comprehensive analysis of your risk profile, taking into account your professional and personal risk protection requirements.
  • We can assist in putting in place a comprehensive Risk Management Programme gives you that safety umbrella and protects your changing lifestyle and provides peace of mind.
  • A well designed Risk Management Programme minimises the economic consequences of these risks by effectively providing a “safety net” for your family and yourself, which should take into account suitable strategies to protect against both death and disablement.  Such strategies typically provide a combination of income generating benefits and lump sum benefits.

We Offer:

  • A comprehensive needs analysis
  • A Review of Benefit Types, Levels of Cover and Priority Identification
  • A Written report and recommendation with discussions and consultation.  In some instances change may not be necessary.