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Good Insurance Advice

Aug 13, 2014 by Harry

We are very happy with service provided. Great advice within the budget.

We never thought it would happen to us!

Jul 31, 2014 by Kim and Mark Taylor

Christmas is a time for family, friends, celebration and holidays. A week before
Christmas I had a mammogram which showed a lump of concern and on boxing day I
was given the news that I had breast cancer and I needed to have a mastectomy. Only
2 years before my husband was diagnosed with kidney cancer. We aren’t terribly old,
don’t smoke, we lead a relatively healthy lifestyle and don’t have any family history of
these cancers. Because of this we both thought that it was unlikely anything like this
would happen to us.
Well it did - and to both of us – what’s the chances of that? This could have been a scary
situation for us financially also, but fortunately for us we had worked with Harvinder
Kang to come up with a ‘worst case scenario’ total insurance package.
He listened carefully to my concerns as a mother about what would happen to my
children if something terrible happened to me, in addition to how we would cope
financially. Both my husband and I received a financial package that has completely
allowed us to relax about money and focus on the more important things. I have read
testimonials over the years and never thought I would be the one encouraging people
to review their insurance coverage.
I had a friend pass away with cancer recently who also had school aged children. They
never had any cover and it had been really tough on them. She had to continue working
even while she was incredibly ill, and then in the later stages of her life; her husband
had to be at work rather than at her side - all because they had to pay the bills. This was
so tough on everybody. Id hate to think what would have happened to us if we hadn’t
had the critical illness and trauma cover”.
Hindsight is too late - we strongly advise meeting with Harvinder as he is very genuine
and never pushed us at all, but encouraged us to talk about our ‘worst case scenario’.

Free Insurance Advice Hamilton Wk, 3204 NZ 5.0 5.0 2 2 We are very happy with service provided. Great advice within the budget.